Commercial Flooring in Peterborough and Boston

Floortastic UK Floorings pride ourselves to offer the best solutions for your commercial flooring requirements in Peterborough and Boston.

When it comes to decide for the best and most efficient flooring for your commercial establishment, sometimes it can be overwhelming, as we have so many choices available. Floortastic floorings experts can help you make the right decision. The foremost factors that come to your mind are aesthetics and practicality. However other important factors to be considered are budget, design, traffic, and maintenance. When it comes to compare the workplace flooring options for your office, warehouse, workshop or industrial unit these are the few aspects that play an important role. We would like to help you understand the importance of each of the following factors so that you can choose the best flooring for your office, industrial or commercial establishment.


Make sure the flooring for your office must be commercial-grade. The floors that are appropriate for the offices and commercial establishments are those that can withstand the daily traffic and movements like of chairs, furniture and other equipment’s. The best flooring for your office should be strong enough to facilitate daily work activities and movements at your workplace.


One of the other important things to contemplate within the office or commercial setting is noise. Depending on the kind of work, most offices need a quiet atmosphere. Carpet flooring can be one of the reasonable choices if noise is your priority, however it wouldn’t be a decent selection for heavily trafficked places if you think about cleanup and maintenance. Hard-surface floors, like luxury vinyl, laminate or engineered wood, will work for you if you put in a noise-reducing underlayer before laying your office flooring.

easy to clean

The best flooring for your office is one that’s simple to scrub and maintain. The floors that are simple to scrub and maintain are the reasonable options in most work place environment. An office is place for your staff and it’s the place to interact with your clients and customers. This means there’s a lot of foot traffic, along with that there will be occasion like office parties and other events, this means additional cleanup and maintaining will be required.


Flooring style shouldn’t conflict with the design of furnishings. It’s suggested to use carpets or tiles for an additional fashionable furnishing. You can also select stone finishing tiles for an additional classical feel for a vintage furnishing.


Renovating your floors can be expensive. It’s important to make an estimate of your budget and then look for the flooring accordingly. If you’re trying to find flooring on a very small budget, you would possibly like to buy laminate flooring instead of other expensive flooring options. It’s necessary to decide on the flooring that matches your budget as well as your other requirements.

Security and safety

Safety is one of the foremost factors to be considered for selecting an office floor. Owning an business means you are responsible for the safety and security of your work force. Besides cleanliness, you ought to think about the safety of the working surroundings. If you are thinking of hard surface flooring, another aspect to look into is the floor’s slip resistance.


Everyone needs their homes and offices to be comfortable and restful. The comfort level of your flooring also plays a crucial part within the overall productivity of employees. If you decide on a floor that’s too exhausting to walk or sit upon or if you decide on a floor that gets too cold during winters, it’ll reduce the comfort level of your office. Make sure that you recognize the comfort factor before choosing flooring.


Climate has a huge impact on the choice flooring. Weather changes will make your floors hot or cold accordingly. If you live in a warm climate, select a floor that may feel cool to your feet, like tiles or marble. However, if you live in a cold or very cold climate as most of the UK, carpet would be one of the best choices.

Our commercial Flooring Options at Floortastic UK for Peterborough and Boston locations.

Your office flooring needs to work in style and practicality. When considering workplace flooring you should keep in mind all of these factors and then decide from our various flooring options, we provide at Floortastic UK for Peterborough and Boston.

Carpet for office space

If you’re aiming for an office that may offer soothing comfort and insulation from noise, then carpet is the best option. Our Carpet flooring is available in an exceedingly large range of designs and colors to suit your requirements and budget. Carpets offers a great deal of flexibility, we at Floortastic UK carpets Peterborough and Boston Carpets offer a vide rage of carpet floorings. Another good advantage of carpet is its simple to replace, however carpets do needs regular cleanup and maintenance.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic tile offers strength, beauty and durability. It’s also good choice for high trafficked areas. The drawback of it can be if stained it may need skilled help for fixing however at Floortastic we take good care of after sales service. Floortastic UK flooring Peterborough and Boston provide wide range of ceramic floorings.

Hard Surface Flooring

Hardwood floors are durable and simple to take care and do not require a regular care. There are several choices for wood flooring, from oak to environmentally friendly bamboo. A hardwood floor is classic and adds magnificence, heat efficiency and elegance to any work area.
Even though typical wooden flooring can be damaged due to moisture, scratches and stains, however our modern hardwood floor at Floortastic UK flooring Peterborough and Boston provide best finishes, which facilitate protection from excessive damage and therefore may be sanded and refinished if required.

Laminate flooring offers the variability of design from hardwood, tile even stone flooring and its reasonably lower in cost. It’s made in layers and designed to resist warping from moisture.
Typically, it’s a good option to have a thick surface coating to guard from scratches and other damage. It will need regular care and cleanup. Floortastic UK flooring Peterborough and Boston have expertise in laminate floorings.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is another option for versatility and one of the top choices for the industrial settings, its particularly good for heavy traffic areas and also good for budget. It will resist scratches and stains, so maintenance can be easy.
It is also well-known for its slip-resistant characteristic that will help to reduce accidents at your workplace. Floortastic UK flooring Peterborough and Boston can help you to aesthetically create your commercial space with our several designs and styles to decide to fit your commercial flooring requirements.

In Conclusion for the best flooring for your commercial needs:-

Choices for commercial flooring are vast so selecting the right one for your office or commercial establishment depends on the priorities of your business requirements and also immensely dependent on your budget.
No matter what floorings you decide for your business, we at Floortastic UK flooring Peterborough and Boston can assure you the best quality, price and service.

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