Which commercial flooring should you choose?

Which commercial flooring should you choose?

Floor-Tastic-New-Build-Projects-5-552x300pxModern commercial spaces have specific requirements in quality and aesthetics, which is why when installing commercial flooring, you should opt for materials that ensure durability, but also flexibility in design.

Which commercial flooring should you choose?

Floor coverings can be of various finishes such as tiles, vinyl, and carpets. These are applied over a floor structure not just to provide a good surface for walking, but to ensure safety and for aesthetic purposes.

Floortastic Ltd offer a range of materials that can used for various commercial settings – from indoor applications that require trendy aesthetics to commercial kitchens and bathrooms that face stains and heavy traffic.

Our Carpets Peterborough city centre store offers a choice of material for commercial flooring depends on various factors such as your budget, the durability the area requires, comfort, ease of cleaning and/or noise insulation.

Why Hire A Flooring Contractor?

The benefits of hiring professionals to install flooring outweigh the costs by far. For starters, it’s crucial that your commercial space is safe and evokes an atmosphere that is conducive to business. Flooring contractors can make that possible.

Contractors have a team of experts who understand exactly what commercial spaces need. They are knowledgeable in the kind of coating ideal for certain areas such as anti skid flooring and stain-resistant floor coating for high activity areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They know which flooring options are the best for protection against daily wear-and-tear as well as the damaging effects of harsh cleaning substances used on flooring.

We can work on a variety of commercial flooring applications, from warehouse, manufacturing, and retail settings to areas that need specialised designs such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

Commercial Floor Tiles Ideal For Your Distinct Commercial Space

A variety of commercial floor tiles is available for clients depending on their choice in materials, design, and application durability. Choices range from anti-slip to porcelain, from wall tiles to floor tiles, and from low to high-cost tiles.

Soil and stain protection are also important in commercial carpets. You can choose carpets with more stain resistant fibres to be able to clean them easily and for overall maintenance.

For indoor flooring, we also offer commercial carpets made of wool, nylon, polyester, or olefin. For a more plush carpet, we recommend choosing a higher face weight for carpets.

Our installation experts might also recommend adding carpet padding to commercial carpets to provide some noise insulation and for enhanced comfort. The level of comfort depends on the type of material used as carpet padding.

Your Options In Commercial Flooring

The style of the carpet and type of fibre are not the only factors to be considered in choosing a carpet. There are other factors in determining the performance of commercial carpets.

You can choose among carpets that can withstand heavy amounts of traffic. You may also want a carpet that would still look plush and new after many years. Consider a carpet’s anti-zippering characteristic as this will determine how long it will still look good despite heavy traffic. You may also consider a carpet’s anti-static characteristic for industrialised or commercial setting involving electronic equipment.

Safety Flooring

For greater slip resistance and safety in commercial flooring, we can install safety flooring. We can make use of flooring with slip resistant finish that would prevent risks of slips and falls in different commercial sectors such as retail, leisure, industry and commerce.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl tiles are composed of a wide-range collection of highly genuine wood, slate, stone, abstract and metallic designs. They can either be in tile or plank formats. Vinyl flooring is ideal for commercial and residential applications. It is frequently chosen for high-traffic areas because of its low-cost, ease of maintenance, and durability. They are also available in standard and slip resistant formats.

Tile Flooring Tiles

Tile flooring comes in a wide array of colours, shapes, sizes, textures and finishes, allowing you to achieve your desired design, ambiance and look for a certain space. There are ceramic, porcelain, or travertine tiles available for any commercial or industrial space. Our Vinyl Tiles Peterborough shop offer choices as to their designs, colours, textures and safety options.

Hardwearing Contract Floor Covering

For commercial and industrial sectors, hardwearing contract floor covering is important to ensure long-lasting use and durability.

Specialist Flooring

Specialist flooring is needed for areas that require a more specialised type of flooring such as finishing trim, joint trims, and cover strips.

Commercial Flooring UK

Our commercial flooring UK specialists offer nationwide service. No project is too small or too large with perfect finish all the time. We also offer advice on the best and most suitable commercial flooring needs.

We use high quality materials in our flooring installation jobs. We source them from reputable suppliers such as Polyflor Contract Flooring.

Call us for quotes on your flooring projects. We have experts who can fulfil your need for quality commercial flooring.

Further resources on flooring please read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flooring

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