A Guide To Carpet Buying

Try To Consider This Carpet Buying Guide For Peace of mind!

There are many options when it comes to Carpet buying which can be frustrating at first!blue feather on Carpet

  • The Carpet type that you choose

  • The quality Range of carpet flooring

  • Your spend budget on a quality or cheap carpet

You may want to consider the look and feel carpets that are available and which room or rooms you may want to put them in.

Think about if your rooms traditional, modern, or are they rooms that are filled with spectacular aged antiques?

It has been know that the lighter the colour you go for, the more spacious the room would feel and the more darker shades chosen the smaller the room will look.

Consider daytime and the levels of noise your surroundings have such as noise from a near road next to a property with many vehicles or an office next to working noisy machinery or computers, air conditioning. For this reason, choosing carpets as a choice in flooring could become vital as carpets also absorb sound making them more environmentally beneficial for the home or office.

The cost when you buy carpets is normally established from the stack height or if it is a looped carpet and the carpet fitting involved in the chosen type.
The more quality carpet you choose it comes with more features such as insulation properties making it better energy efficient, cosy and warm.

Carpets are known to be more cost effective when it come to maintaining them compared to other smooth flooring like laminate floors.

Hardwood floors or linoleum can be slippery due to the maintenance materials that maybe used on them however, carpets on the other hand consist of both anti slip properties and other shock absorption materials.

Carpets that are good for wheel chair users are low pile types as they provide non slip surfaces and the wheel chair will remain on it firmly. These types of carpets are also used where people with walking sticks or on crutches would flow.

Carpet appearance provides a statement to a room and gives it a personality so it is important to make sure that the carpet does not look out of place.

The wear and tear with a carpet before it begins to look worn and needs to be replaced has a collective preference on the quality where thongs like colour, flame resistant etc should be known.

When getting a carpet measuring service from your supplier, obtain a quote in writing that breaks up the entire service such as if you need under lay or foam padding for the carpet? Find out if the carpets installer will take away or remove any old carpet, laminate floor or linoleum when the work as finished as well as clean up any left over bits and pieces or if there are any dumping fees or labour costs to remove the old carpet.

Carpet colour dye tone can changes from the manufacturing processes every few years and you may not be in a position to match colours from old carpets to the new so if you are thinking about doing other rooms using the same carpet, it maybe better to these at once.

Only deal with a carpet company that has been around for a while due to the experience you will require in the choosing and fitting. Here at Floortastic Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in our family run business for longer than 15 years and we will be happy to assist and guide you buying the right carpet.

Contact us for a free mobile measuring service or a simple chat with one of our experienced carpet consultants.

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